Programs offered:

kNOw Stress

kNOw Stress is a unique program based on the latest research about stress and its impact on performance, wellbeing, and health.  In this program, learn to transform stress into a powerful and useful tool.  Turn stress into motivation and increased productivity, a tool that will help you become stronger.  It’s time to go beyond stress reduction and stress management; it’s time to harness it.

Focus In

Focus In is an attention training program which helps people become more focused.  There are many demands on our attention these days and people are losing their ability to focus, leading to feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  Based on decades of research, this program uses neuroplasticity, the ability of the mind to learn new things, to create focus, stability, and stamina.


UPower is about You.  Are there things in your life you just wish you could do, but for some reason, you haven’t done them yet?  Like that workout routine, or that healthy diet you were going to start last year, or kicking a bad habit.  This unique program looks at the science of behavior change, and how you can become the best version of yourself, helping you achieve that goal that is most important for You.